Land Cruiser Interior Accessories Add Comfort and Style

Are you getting the most out of your off-road or adventuring experiences? It’s possible to find even more fun and function in your Land Cruiser with interior accessories that match your vehicle perfectly. At Cruiser Consoles, we use our passion for these rugged vehicles to design and build solutions that make your 70 Series the perfect way to escape the daily grind.

So popular that buying one may mean joining a waiting list for months or even years, the Toyota Land Cruiser has a well-earned reputation for being a durable workhorse. It’s also perfect for adventure seekers and lovers of the outdoors. What’s under the bonnet isn’t all that matters, though.

Toyota invests a significant amount of time and effort into designing these vehicles. However, there’s no accounting for everyone’s tastes or needs. Modifying your vehicle with custom and purpose-built Land Cruiser accessories can give you the experience of your dreams.

Can You Improve a 79 Series Land Cruiser With Aftermarket Accessories?

Absolutely, yes. Auto manufacturers focus on two areas, providing power and comfort that appeals to the broadest possible audience. You have a powerful engine— but do you have everything inside the cab? When your preferences differ from the average driver’s, the answer is likely ‘’no’’.

Whether you don’t have enough storage or you are preparing for longer trips, our 79 Series accessories are the ideal fit. Modifying your Land Cruiser lets you add the convenience or the creature comforts you need. We have over a decade of experience in custom builds and know these vehicles exceedingly well.

Our knowledge of these vehicles translates into two significant benefits. The first is excellent fit and function. We make the installation simple, and you can reshape the interior of your 79 Series with aftermarket parts that offer the experience you want in no time. The second benefit is Australian-built quality. We ensure every addition you make blends perfectly with your interior.

Our Lineup of Toyota Land Cruiser Accessories

So, what kinds of accessories can you add and enjoy today? We’re proud to provide several categories with multiple options that suit varying preferences and needs. Shopping with us, you’ll find:

Full-length and half-length centre consoles. Add extra cup holders, storage, space for new electric switches and more. We create consoles that make your interior more functional, whether you undertake a quick excursion or a long-haul trip.

Speaker pods. Say goodbye to dull stock audio and hello to more powerful, rich, and robust sound. You supply the speakers, and we will provide the pods you need to mount larger, more powerful audio solutions.

Bushman fridge-compatible consoles. Add convenient aftermarket refrigeration directly to your Land Cruiser cab. We build consoles for 15L Bushman fridges so you can enjoy plenty of space for cold storage on or off the road.

Roof consoles. We fit roof consoles that let you fine-tune the functionality of your vehicle. Keep essential gear - from radio communications to light controls and more – close by.

Underseat storage. Secure valuables and necessary possessions with a locking underseat storage tray for keeping treasured items out of sight.

With a wide range of Land Cruiser accessories made to the highest quality standards, customising your ride isn’t just possible — it’s easy. We're ready to help.

Land Cruiser in Sunset

Put a Personal Spin on Your Vehicle

Half the fun of owning a Land Cruiser is going places others cannot. The other half? Upgrading your vehicle into precisely what you want. With Cruiser Consoles, you can enjoy top-shelf manufacturing quality and professional installation in one convenient package. Discover how we can help you upgrade, customise, and improve your vehicle when you contact us.